Is this a Hirondelle 'militaire' 1892?

The maker of this bike, which is in my collection, was unknown for some time. Now I think it is a Hirondelle militaire, like the one shown in the catalogue of Manufranec/Hirondelle of 1892.
These military models were intended for the army, but were also sold to police forces and other 'fleet owners'.

This could be an explanation why this bike has no serial number, radial (not tangent) spokes and a slightly different head than the bike in the catalogue.

But the strange mount of the bracket is visible, as well as (an indication of) the typical chain tensioners on this bike. The chain is French (Marque deposee) and the saddle has the marque  L'ONFRAY  of LONFRAY, which sounds French as well....
So at the moment I am in the stage that I am looking for confirmation: can this be a Hirondelle? Does anyone know other models that have these typical rear wheel chain tensioners?
If you have any information, please send me an e-mail.  

The Peugeot safety-lamp and the typical French name tag are later additions by a former owner.  

Most recent news: another, very similar bicycle has been found, look here!